Johnson & Johnson unites business segments under its brand in UK

The changes are aimed at making the two segments “more connected” to the Johnson & Johnson brand, the business says.

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has united its two business segments under the Johnson & Johnson brand name and is updating its brand identity.

The business has two units: Janssen, its pharmaceutical segment, and Johnson & Johnson MedTech, its medical technology segment. The former will now be rebranded to Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine, while the latter will retain its name.

The move is aimed at making the two segments “more connected to the Johnson & Johnson brand” the company said. The changes are part of a new identity for the J&J brand, announced in September 2023, as it enters “a new era”.

The new Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine brand will be rolled out across all company materials, packaging and branded assets “over time”.

The business says the new identity modernises the brand and reflects inclusivity, while building on the company’s legacy in healthcare as it celebrates its hundredth year in the UK.

“Though our name for our pharmaceutical segment may have changed, our ambition hasn’t. Over the past 100 years, our first responsibility has always been to the patients, doctors and nurses that we serve,” says Roz Bekker, managing director of Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine UK & Ireland.

Janssen was a major producer of Covid-19 vaccines during the pandemic. It has produced a range of well-known drugs for matters from mental illness to common ailments like diarrhoea.

J&J has become a more focused business in recent years, divesting its consumer brands to focus on pharmacy and medical technology.

Johnson & Johnson spun off its consumer healthcare division last year. Kenvue now owns over-the-counter names like Tylenol and Calpol, as well as skin and health care brands like Aveeno and Clean & Clear.

The move follows similar initiatives by companies such as Sanofi, Pfizer and GSK, to separate their consumer health products and focus on the pharmaceutical business.