A quarter of marketers want to do fewer days in the office

Marketers have embraced hybrid working, with nearly seven in 10 happy with the balance of days in the office and working from home.

While hybrid working has become a staple of most marketers’ working lives, there remains a wide range of opinions towards how best to implement these working patterns spread across gender, age and size of business.

Four years on from the start of lockdown (23 March 2020), Marketing Week’s 2024 Career & Salary Survey reveals the vast majority of workers are spending at least one day per week working from home. The most common number of days in the office are three (25.2%) and two (24.3%), with four days (9.5%) proving the least common.

Indeed, more marketers don’t work any days in the office (14.7%) than those who work the full five days (12.9%).

The data shows a firm shift in the way we work and means the vast majority of marketing roles are expected to at least offer hybrid working.

The average hybrid week is welcomed by most marketers with over two-thirds (68.7%) saying they believe the number of days they work in the office currently is the right amount. Nearly a quarter (24%) would like to do fewer days in the office and even fewer still (7.2%) want to work from the office more.

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Hybrid working looks set to be a part of marketing’s future for the foreseeable – and the likelihood of employees giving up their newfound freedom looks less likely than ever.

We will be publishing an in-depth analysis looking at the data split by gender, age and company size as well as exploring how marketers feel about changing working patterns tomorrow, with more news and features to follow.

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